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Pet Bag

PBB010: 48x21x29cm

PBB012: 36x21x24cm

PBB013: 56x30x24cm
PBB014: 60x30x24cm
PBB015: 50x21x29cm
PBB016: 52x30x30cm
PBB017: 36x24x29cm

PBB101: 21"x15"x18" PBB102:24"x18"x21"
PBB103: 31"x21"x26"
PBB104: 38"x26"x29"


PBB201: 96.5x64.5x68.7cm, PBB202: 81x54.4x57.7cm
PBB203: 67x40.4x47.2, PBB204: 54.5x31.5x35.9

We are perfect pet bags manufacture & exporter from China. We sincerely welcome customers contact or visit us for business discussions. If you are interested in any of our products, or have a customized requirement to fill, please feel free to email us. We hope to hear from you.

Service Contacter: Ms Cheng
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