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Pet Collar, Dog Collar, Pet Belt

Nylon collar, Circle belts, Metal collar, Rope colla, Dog Braided collar, Nylon Printing collar, Nylon reflective collar, Jacquard collar

Pet Rope collar

BDC001 8mm collar, 30cm
BDC002 8mm collar, 35cm
BDC003 8mm collar, 40cm
BDC004 8mm collar, 45cm
BDC005 8mm collar, 50cm
BDC006 13mm collar, 50cm
BDC007 13mm collar, 55cm
BDC008 13mm collar, 60cm
BDC009 13mm collar, 65cm
BDC010 13mm collar, 70cm

Pet Braided collar

BDC011 15mm x 30cm
BDC012 15mm x 40cm
BDC013 20mm x 50cm
BDC014 20mm x 60cm
BPL010 15mm x 120cm
BPL011 20mm x 120cm

Pet Printing collar

BDC101 10mm x 22-35cm
BDC102 15mm x 25-40cm
BDC103 20mm x 35-50cm
BDC104 25mm x 40-65cm

Nylon Dog collar

BDC111 10mm x 22-35cm
BDC112 15mm x 25-40cm
BDC113 20mm x 35-50cm
BDC114 25mm x 40-65cm

Nylon Dog collar

BDC115 10mm x 30cm
BDC116 10mm x 35cm
BDC117 15mm x 40cm
BDC118 15mm x 45cm
BDC119 20mm x 50cm
BDC120 20mm x 55cm
BDC121 25mm x 60cm
BDC122 25mm x 65cm

Nylon Dog collar

BDC123 20mm x 50cm
BDC124 20mm x 55cm
BDC125 25mm x 60cm
BDC126 25mm x 65cm

We are perfect pet collar & dog belt manufacture & exporter from China. We sincerely welcome customers contact or visit us for business discussions. If you are interested in any of our products, or have a customized requirement to fill, please feel free to email us. We hope to hear from you.


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